How Can Typographical Error Affect Whole Paragraphs In Certified Copy? – Kano state

The Kano State Government has stated that the Court of Appeal’s claim about the error on the Certified True Copy (CTC) of its judgement on the state’s governorship election is “unacceptable and scandalous”.

The court had sacked Governor Abba Yusuf and declared the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s Nasiru Gawuna as the winner of the March poll. But a CTC of the judgment emerged on Wednesday, affirming Yusuf’s victory.

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While the court had clarified the situation, saying it was a typo error, the Kano State Justice Commissioner, Haruna Dederi, argued that such a development is “scandalous”.

“What is a typographical error? Does it affect one word? Does it affect two words? Does it affect three words? How can a typographical error affect whole paragraphs? This is something that cannot be accepted by any discernible mind as I have said,” the Commissioner said on Thursday’s edition of Channels Television’s programme.

“This is something that is outrageously scandalous and it cannot be accepted. We are not satisfied.”

The Commissioner who said the controversy surrounding the judgment “has now been shifted to the Supreme Court,” believes “it would be resolved there”.

Despite the Appeal Court’s clarification, he maintained that the trending copy of the CTC is “the only version we have as the judgment of the Court of Appeal.”

“There is no corrected version,” he argued on the breakfast show, insisting that the claims of typo error about the CTC “is not tenable. It cannot be accepted.”

SaharaReporters had also on Wednesday exclusively reported that the Court of Appeal released another Certified True Copy (CTC) of its ruling on the Kano State Governorship Election barely 24 hours after it brought out the first CTC which contained its Order affirming the election of Governor Kabir Yusuf and awarding N1million against the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Court of Appeal, which has continued to receive backlashes from Nigerians over the controversial orders, brought out the new certified copy – a 68-page document.

In the new ruling, the court has now backtracked and ordered that the Kano governor should rather pay N1million to the APC as costs.

In the new CTC also, the Court of Appeal in the ruling read by Justice Moore Aseimo Abraham Adumen, said Governor Yusuf’s appeal was dismissed.

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