NYSC Alerting Nigerians to Beware of Fraudulent Trust Fund Advertisement

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has officially discredited an advertisement circulating on social media under the title ‘NYSC Trust Fund, NYSCTF, 2023: supercharge your entrepreneurial aspirations.’ The NYSC has urged the general public to dismiss this advertisement, emphatically asserting its fraudulent nature.

The management of the NYSC clarified that this piece of information did not originate from the NYSC; instead, it has been concocted by dishonest individuals with the intention of deceiving unsuspecting Nigerians, particularly both current and former Corps members, and potentially exploiting their resources.

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They went on to explain that the NYSC Trust Fund is still awaiting the approval of President Bola Tinubu. Consequently, any claims of the existence of an NYSC Portal and a link for registering for this fund are entirely fictitious.

The NYSC has assured the public that once the Trust Fund becomes law, the precise procedures for accessing it will be formally disseminated to Nigerians through various media outlets, including both print and electronic sources, as well as the NYSC’s official social media channels.

In a statement issued by Eddy Megwa, the Director of Press and Public Relations, the NYSC has emphatically cautioned individuals not to fall victim to these fraudulent schemes and to exercise vigilance.

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