“Delta State Government and LP Express Divergent Opinions Regarding Oborevwori’s First 100 Days”

In the realm of governance, a mere 100 days can provide only a glimpse of an administration’s potential. However, when a leader hits the ground running from day one, it becomes possible to identify some noteworthy achievements within this short timeframe.

Before taking office as the Governor of Delta State, Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori faced skepticism from a portion of the population, largely due to the “street credibility” label attached to him during the 2023 gubernatorial campaign. Critics questioned whether someone with such a background could effectively govern the state.

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Since his inauguration on May 29, Governor Oborevwori has managed to win over some of these skeptics, although many remain unconvinced. He has vowed to elevate development in the state through his M.O.R.E agenda.

Shortly after assuming office, Governor Oborevwori visited Warri South Local Government Area to inspect a significant stormwater drainage project aimed at preventing flooding in the Warri/Uvwie region. During this visit, residents seized the opportunity to highlight their challenges, including prolonged power outages caused by a faulty transformer. Responding swiftly, the Governor ordered the replacement of the transformer, and it was delivered within a week.

In a surprising turn of events, hostilities flared up between the Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh communities, despite a recent peace pact between them. Governor Oborevwori intervened using mediation strategies, directing the traditional institutions to facilitate reconciliation. Royal leaders from both Urhobo and Ijaw nations convened under the leadership of the Orodje of Okpe, His Royal Majesty, King Felix Mujakperuo, with the aim of resolving the conflict. The Governor’s message to these communities emphasized the futility of fighting over land, as the land would persist even after conflict.

To address recurrent flooding issues in the state, Governor Oborevwori established a 14-member 2023 Flood Disaster Management Committee. This committee was tasked with raising awareness among citizens, particularly those in coastal areas, about the importance of relocating to higher ground to avoid impending floods. Plans were also made to set up camps in flood-prone areas to accommodate affected residents.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the Governor’s performance thus far. Chief Tony Ezeagwu, the South-South Chairman of the Labour Party, criticized the lack of tangible relief efforts in the state despite the allocation of N5 billion by the Federal Government for palliatives. He argued that the Governor should have prioritized addressing transportation challenges by rehabilitating roads and providing mass transit buses to alleviate the high transport costs borne by the people.

In summary, Governor Oborevwori’s first 100 days in office have seen some promising initiatives, but they have also faced criticism, particularly in the realm of tangible governance. While supporters acknowledge his efforts, critics call for more substantial achievements in the future.

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