Australia may provide military training to Ukraine forces

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said his government would consider providing military training to Ukrainian forces in their war with Russia.

The prime minister told Australian media on Wednesday he had spoken to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday about what further contributions Australia could make to Ukraine’s war effort.

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Albanese told broadcaster Channel 7 news that the government “certainly” is considering training Ukrainian military personnel, describing Russia’s targeting of civilians as “appalling attacks”.

Reports differed on where that training might be provided, with some news organisations saying Australian trainers would be sent to Ukraine while other reports said the training would not take place inside Ukrainian territory.

“I conveyed to him [Zelenskyy] the condolences of the Australian people for the innocent victims who have been murdered by Russian aggression, targeting civilian locations including in Kyiv, just about a kilometre from where I was just a couple of months ago,” Albanese said, referring to a visit to Kyiv he had undertaken in July.

“This is a fight not just about Ukraine’s sovereignty,” the prime minister said.

“This is a fight about the international rule of law, about whether sovereign borders will be respected and that is why the world is united in their support for Ukraine against this Russian aggression,” Albanese said.

“We would have thought that a land war in Europe was something of the past but Russia continues to engage in these aggressive acts. We’ll continue to provide support. We are the largest non-NATO contributor,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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