Bomb kills daughter of Putin’s ally, Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin, a strategist to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, has lost his daughter, Darya Dugina.

Darya, a journalist who like her father supported the invasion of Ukraine, died in an explosion after a device went off.

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The Toyota Land Cruiser blew Saturday night on a highway near Bolshie Vyzyomy village, about 40 kilometres outside Moscow.

The 29-year-old lost control as she was driving at high speed and flew to the opposite side of the road.

The Russian government blamed Ukraine for her death. A friend of the family said the late political scientist was not the target.

Andrei Krasnov, Russky Gorizont movement leader, told news agency TASS that the attackers were probably after Darya’s father.

“As far as I understand it, the target was Alexander directly, or maybe both of them,” Krasnov noted.

Dugin, leader of the Eurasian Movement, is regarded as Putin’s “spiritual guide” in the Ukraine war. The daughter reportedly borrowed his vehicle at the last minute.

The Russian Investigative Committee has commenced an investigation into the “murder” it said was done “in a dangerous manner”.

Donetsk People’s Republic leader, Denis Pushilin accused Kyiv of being the mastermind.

“The terrorists of the Ukrainian regime, in an attempt to eliminate Alexander Dugin, have taken the life of his daughter”, he wrote on Telegram.

Ukraine’s top presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak strongly denied the allegation of involvement.

“I confirm that Ukraine had nothing to do with this because we are not a criminal State, like the Russian Federation and definitely not a terrorist State,” Podolyak told Ukrainian TV.

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