New Release Alert: “Adura (Prayer)” by Shekinah Praise Gospel

We are thrilled to announce the latest release from Shekinah Praise Gospel! The new track, titled “Adura (Prayer),” is now available on all streaming platforms, and it’s an inspirational masterpiece that you won’t want to miss.

About the Track

“Adura” translates to “Prayer” in Yoruba, and this song is a powerful testament to the strength and comfort that prayer brings into our lives. Shekinah Praise Gospel has poured heart and soul into this track, creating a moving and uplifting piece that resonates deeply with listeners.

Why You Should Listen

As we reach the midpoint of the year, “Adura (Prayer)” serves as a timely reminder to stay hopeful and connected through faith. The song’s inspirational message and beautiful composition make it a must-listen for anyone seeking encouragement and spiritual upliftment.

Stream “Adura (Prayer)” Now

Don’t miss out on this incredible track. You can listen to “Adura (Prayer)” on your preferred streaming platform by following this link: Adura (Prayer) by Shekinah Praise Gospel.

Show Your Support

Your support is invaluable. Every stream, share, and comment helps spread the powerful message of “Adura (Prayer).” Let’s come together to celebrate and promote this beautiful song.

Thank you for supporting Shekinah Praise Gospel and the uplifting music that brings us all closer together. Keep streaming, sharing, and praying. Stay blessed! ✨️ ???? ????

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