EFCC Chairman Amazed by 17-Year-Old’s IT Skills in Fraudulent Activities

Mr. Olukoyede, the Chairman of the EFCC, shared an intriguing incident during a meeting with stakeholders.

He recounted how a 17-year-old history student showcased remarkable IT skills during an interrogation at the EFCC’s Lagos office.

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Despite not having a background in science, the boy demonstrated his ability to retrieve sensitive information, such as the chairman’s mobile number and bank verification number (BVN).

This was done without any prior disclosure from Olukoyede, showcasing the boy’s prowess in cyber fraud.

Despite the criminal nature of his actions, Olukoyede expressed astonishment at the boy’s abilities and sees potential in him.

He believes that with proper guidance and orientation, the boy could redirect his skills towards positive endeavors, potentially becoming a valuable asset to the nation.

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