“Women are now more deliberate in their family planning choices,” says expert in birth control.

A family planning expert named Gift Effiong Edem, working at the Ikot Offiong Ambai Primary Health Center in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State, has observed a positive shift in women’s approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

She attributes this change to the weekly health tips provided on breastfeeding and family planning. Mrs. Edem explains that these health tips draw from UNICEF’s Awareness Campaign on exclusive breastfeeding and cover topics such as home management, caring for husbands, babies, and personal well-being.

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According to Mrs. Edem, the adoption of family planning methods has empowered women to exercise greater control over their birth rates, resulting in happier families with fewer children. This, she emphasizes, is made possible by the valuable weekly health tips they receive.

Additionally, another healthcare expert, Mrs. Esu Antigha, highlights the significance of exclusive breastfeeding, which involves providing infants with only breast milk for the first six months of their lives, without any supplementary water. This practice, she notes, contributes to the healthy growth and development of children.

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