US and UK launch airstrikes on Yemen

The Middle East is entering a period of greater uncertainty after the US and the UK launched military strikes on Houthi rebel targets in Yemen.

More than 60 targets in 16 locations have been hit, according to the US Air Force.

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The coalition, backed by the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Bahrain, is looking to weaken the Iran-backed group, which has been attacking commercial vessels on the Red Sea since the start of the war in Gaza, in support of its Hamas allies. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the strikes as “limited, necessary and proportionate”.

But it seems unlikely they will dissuade the Houthis from further attacks on global shipping, BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner.

The Houthis withstood years of Saudi bombing after the group’s illegal takeover of much of Yemen almost a decade ago. Now the region awaits the Houthis’ response. Their deputy foreign minister Hussein al-Izzi said the US and UK would “pay a heavy price” for this “blatant aggression”.

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