“We’re sorry. The incident is regrettable,” Chief of Army Staff apologizes over bombing that killed over 80 people in Kaduna.

The Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja on Tuesday, described the deadly airstrike that killed 85 people & injured several others in Kaduna as regrettable

The army chief, who visited the site of the mishap that has thrown the nation into a sorrowful mood, apologised on behalf of the Nigerian Army to the community, the government & the people of Kaduna State

Lagbaja, who visited the victims two days after the accidental strike in the Igabi area of the North-West state, promised to guard against such an occurrence in the conduct of military operations

“My assessment of that unfortunate incident of Dec 3, 2023 is that it is grave, regrettable. We will do everything possible to prevent such an occurrence from happening again in the conduct of our operations going forward,” he said about one of the country’s deadliest military bombing accidents.

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