Belgium has shut almost 30 schools due to a bomb alert, as police begin an investigation.

Following a late Sunday evening bomb alarm, many Belgian schools in Brussels and the Brabant region will not accept students on Monday, the Wallonie-Bruxelles Enseignement administration body announced on its website.

According to Reuters, the 27 schools that the organising body chose to close “in strict compliance with the precautionary principle” are currently undergoing police inspections, and more details are anticipated during the day.

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Just two days prior, the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez and his Belgian counterpart Alexander de Croo made comments about Israel’s “indiscriminate” war on Gaza. As a result, the Israeli administration said on Friday that it would be calling the embassies of Belgium and Spain.

Following their criticism of Israel for the suffering of Palestinian civilians who have been victims, the two leaders made the declaration.

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