Basic Knowledge of Escaping Investment Scam – Ade Johnson

Had a powerful experience in the year 2020/2021 regarding running investment with a company in which alot of people invested through my integrity, it was such a powerful and unforgettable experience , it literally drained me and actually burnt my fingers, after this experience, i went for knowledge, paid for classes both forex class and crypto class, after giving myself to knowledge and making daily dollars, i decided to teach people first before showing them how to duplicate this knowledge, right now, i have about 80 students on my close WhatsApp group making daily usdt back to back, but i first expose them to knowledge and enlightened them on the way of the market. 
The below is what i think we all should consider, know and understand before running any kind of investment with anybody, in fact advice everyone to learn whatever they want to use your money for and do it yourself. 
The below are my few reasons why we fail and get scammed

1. Any form of investment that you can’t remove your capital at anytime you like , you can’t withdraw your profit at any time you like, run away , even if you can do all this,,,,,,, look closely what your money is being used for and search the root to the rooted part

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2. Any investment that the referral looks captivating, run away, the idea is to deceive you to draw many closer, they have their plan, its you that have greet, as soon as their target hit, you are on your own, the people whom you referred will hold you responsible,,,,,, be careful and think of having good peace in your life
3. Any investment that needs to do with capital lock up, profit lock up, only percentage in withdrawal, be careful, they have their plan, its you who do no understand,,,,,,, check deeply their website, scan check their source, check if it was a bought site and upgraded to any nonsense name they bear, be techwise or you hold your little money and stay safe
4. Any investment that need to do with pay in naira, that goes into Nigeria banks, my friends, You are contributing for the next Election in advance, you will suddenly hear CBN is after them, efcc is after them, i can tell you that both CBN and EFCC has been with you from the beginning, they are timing you

5. See stop investing with the mentality of its my brethren that introduce me, they can’t scam, we are brethren , i have come to let you know both you and brethren will be scammed, is the brethren the owner of the platform, brethren too that does not think, giving nonsense confidence , is the site your own, this are investment mistake we make, brethren, brethren and when it happen, they never take responsibility of their risk foolishness but rather hold brethren responsible

If they chat you and tell you they can double your money in 24/hours and you go for such, you truly need deliverance,,,,,, without thinking and reasoning what exactly are they about to use your money for,,,, gbam you send, gbam they block you, you just contribute to the yahoo boys general association

I have seen alot of scam going on since February and match and told some, withdraw your money and run away,,,, but they never heed, 86fb, Cg, 86W, Goldmine etc

All this systems are scams, think before rushing into them, be wise and wake up,,,, guard yourself off all this


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